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 Metal Industry

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      Category : Metal Industry

    Edgetech Industries LLC began offering Tungsten and other refractory - - metals products years ago. We specialize in providing worldwide customers with all types of Tungsten fabricated products (such as Tungsten crucible, Tungsten rod and bar, Tungsten sheet and plate, etc.), tungsten heavy alloy that is mostly used as weights and shields, tungsten composites (such as tungsten copper, tungsten silver) that is used for electrode contacts, and tungsten carbide alloy using as tools. We also provide our very newly product polymer tungsten which is flexible as cloth and this can instead lead for radiation shielding cause it is harmless to the environment. Custom parts for these materials (pure tungsten, tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten composites and tungsten carbide) are also available. Send to your drawings to
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      16518 SW 36th St   33027   Miramar  / USA
    Tel : 3059846298    Fax :        

    Url :
    E-mail :
    Contact Person : Izzy   Xin   / 

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